• Up to 34% Extra Downloads per day
  • SDK implements in less than one hour
  • Already implemented in 25119 games
  • Many new games added daily

Some Games Using MoreGamers.com

  Genre Downloads
Simulation 1m+
Racing 100k+
Sports 100k+
Parking 100k+
Simulation 100k+
  Genre Downloads
Shooting 10m+
Puzzle 100k+
Running 10m+
Flying 5m+
Driving 10m+

How It Works

Once our SDK has successfully been implemented into your games, we load and show in-game advertisements. You earn advertising credits for promoting games by other developers based on ad impressions and clicks. When you have earned sufficient advertising credits, your games automatically become eligible to be promoted by other games registered within our cross promotion network. Your advertising credits are then used to promote your game in other games.

You need to have earned at least 1 advertising credit to start your cross promotion campaign. Your ads stop being promoted when your advertising credit balance runs out and reactivated when you earn a minimum of 1 advertising credit.

More Gamers deducts a small percentage of credits from all members in lieu of providing this valuable service.

Your Own Cross Promotion Network

All new users are added to our Public Network by default. Once you publish more than two games on any platform, you have the choice to switch to the Private Network option.

The Private Network option ensures your games are only promoted within your own games, with the exception of a small percentage of More Gamers own house ads.

MoreGamers.com is the first and biggest dedicated mobile game banner exchange. We have helped game developers drive billions of gamers to their games over the past 10 years. We have vast experience in increasing your mobile game downloads, with our powerful yet easy to implement banner exchange.

Our system works by using otherwise unused ad space within your games. You can use that space to place our banner slot and earn yourself advertising credits which in turn you can use to advertise your game in other developers games. The whole system is FREE to use and the same method many big studios use to stay at the top. So don't delay, signup today!